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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ebola Syndrome[Cat III - Hong Kong]

Ebola Syndrome[Cat III - Hong Kong]
Ebola Syndrome
English Subtitles

Director: Herman Yau (Lai To)
Starring: Cast: Anthony Wong || Vincent Wan || Shing Fui On || Wong Chui Ling || Marianne Chan || Lo Meng || Peter Ngor Chi-Kwan || Cheung Liu || Lam Chiu Wing || Ng Shui Ting
Script: Ting Chau
Running Time: 98 mins
Year: 1996
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Thriller || Horror
Original Title: Yi boh laai beng duk

Caught with his boss’s wife Kai San turns the ugly situation around and kills the husband, and wife, then escapes to South Africa where he works for 10 years as a cook. Working in a low level job and exploited by his employers Kai struggles with his perceived sense of inferiority. When the restaurant owner learns of a location out on the Serengeti plains where pork is sold cheap he and Kai travel to a village that is suffering from an outbreak of Ebola. That’s basically the premise to the story; what follows is an insane ride of extreme cinema…honestly I was unprepared for the contents of this film and I have to say it goes down as one of my all time favorite exploitation flicks.

The plot sounds horrific enough, but nothing is more evil and over the top insane than Anthony Wong’s performance. He lets go the reins and just runs with this one, giving us one of the great bad guy performances ever. Kai is loaded full with resentment and brooding anger. His mild mannered demeanor is paper-thin and can explode into violent and unrepentant anger. He is a true sociopath. However, matters get much, much worse after Kai contacts Ebola after screwing a village girl who is mere seconds away from dying from the virus.

As luck would have it, Kai is one of only 1 in 10,000,000 who can survive the virus and become a carrier. With absolutely no regard for human life he decides to go back to Hong Kong after committing another set of murders in South Africa. Back in his homeland Kai inadvertently begins to kill virtually everyone he comes into contact with.

Ebola Syndrome is full tilt on every level. Gratuitous nudity, sex, violence, gore and over-the-top acting are present throughout. Anthony Wong is the great chameleon of cinema…capable of any role there is nothing he will shy away from. Although I have yet to see him in a straight ahead romance, where he plays the lead role, I am positive he’d carry it off perfectly. In Ebola Syndrome he is insane and completely volatile. My god but some of the scenes are in such bad taste I could hardly believe what I was viewing…I just loved it.

Warning though…the film is a stomach turner and is not recommended for all audiences.
Enjoy your next hamburger!

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